CoQ10 Bio Boost 50mg thumbnail

CoQ10 Bio Boost 50mg

KAYAJ ®CoQ10 Bio-Boost 50mg Vege Cap supports healthy heart function and increases energy production and energy level in your body. Our unique formula contains additional natural black peper fruit extract to boost CoQ10 absorption and effectiveness. KAYAJ ®CoQ10 Bio-Boost 50mg vegetarian capsule special formulation is all pure and vegetarian. Warning: Do not take while on warfarin […]

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Fish Oil 1000mg thumbnail

Fish Oil 1000mg

Improves Cardiovascular Health Fish oil contains high levels of omega-3, an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid needed by us. Omega-3 contains EPA and DHA, which contribute positively to human health. DHA is the “good oil” for improving general well-being and enhancing memory and eye function. KAYAJ Omega – 3 only uses pure natural fish oil from […]

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Grape Seed 12000mg

KAYAJ Classic Grape seed is an effective antioxidant and free radical scavenger. The large amount of grape seed extract in each capsule provides high level of natural OPC (oligomeric procyanidins). It is particularly beneficial for the health of blood vessel, skin, and other connective tissues. No added sugar, yeast, salt, or artificial coloring.   AUST […]

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Wild Red Krill Oil Complex 700mg thumbnail

Wild Red Krill Oil Complex 700mg

KAYAJ ®Wild Red Krill Oil Complex 700mg is a special formulation to assist heart, brain, and joint health, using best krill oil from wild red krill in pristine Antarctic ocean & natural fish oil. It contains important krill oil for better Omega-3 absorption than normal fish oil. Its krill oil & fish oil combination helps […]

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