July 7, 2021

Anti-aging is a concept that humans have been obsessed with for millennia.  Ancient Egyptians used to rub fenugreek oil all over to stop and reverse aging.  Roman’s and Greeks used crocodile dung to do the same. Even in today’s society once you reach a certain age the adverts for anti-aging moisturizers begin to plague you.

None of these work, however, you’ll be surprised to know!

That’s not to say that we should give up on anti-aging.  Quite the opposite in fact as scientists have started looking deeper into our molecules to try to understand how and why we age in order to slow it down and prolong life.

The great news is there have been some incredible breakthroughs in this area, not least of all the discovery of NAD+ and NMN in particular.

Professor Imai of the University of Washington and Professor Sinclair of Harvard University in 2013 conducted a series of experiments with lab mice that involved injecting them with NMN.  The results they found were astonishing!

The mice immediately showed youthful phenotype expression with noticeably brighter and denser fur.  On top of this, the life span of the mice extended from 2 months to 4.6 months.  An increase of 2.3 times!

This science has continued to be studied and there have been some incredible results published.

Notably, in October 2016 the publication “Cell” published the results from the Scientists at the National Center for Anti-Aging Research in the United States that showed supplementing the body with NAD+ can ultimately prolong life and improve health through mitochondrial and DNA repair.

Added to this was a study from the University of Washington School of Medicine that found NAD+ can be supplemented with NMN.  These results were also published in “Cell” later that same year.

So what exactly is NMN and what does all of this mean for us?  Let’s have a look…

What is NMN?

NMN, or nicotinamide mononucleotide if you want its full name, is a molecule that occurs naturally in all life forms.  It is a ribo-nucleotide, which is basically a structural unit of the nucleic acid RNA.

Its structure is composed of a nicotinamide, ribose, and phosphate group.

What you may be wondering, however, is why is NMN important!

Why is NMN important?

NMN is the direct precursor enzyme to NAD+ and is actually considered a key component in increasing NAD+ levels in cells.

NAD+ is essential for a healthy body and without NMN our body’s production of NAD+ would diminish.

NMN is essential in helping us create energy in the body and regulate pivotal cellular processes which aid in anti-aging among other incredible benefits.

The easiest way to increase your NMN is by taking supplements.

What is NAD+ and what does it actually do?

We have a great blog about NAD+ talking about what it is and why it is important (link).  But to give you the short version:

NAD+ is the second most abundant molecule in the body after water, and it is essential for all organisms.  Without it, we would die.

It is a coenzyme that plays a vital role in your metabolic process and DNA repair among many other key roles.

Its role in helping repair DNA damage is the function in particular that helps with aging.  The more we age the more damaged DNA we accumulate.  Keeping a steady flow of NAD+ in the body means that the ‘molecular machinery’ that repairs this damaged DNA has plenty of the fuel they need to do their job.  That fuel is NAD+.

Why should I take NMN as a supplement?

Simply put, taking NMN is your key to creating more NAD+ in your body, and more NAD+ means a whole host of incredible health benefits, not just the anti-aging.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • It helps your body’s cells repair damaged and aged DNA
  • It supports energy metabolism
  • It enhances your brain’s cognitive function
  • It suppresses age-associated body weight gain
  • It even boosts immunity and fosters healthy aging

It is your key to slowing the aging process.

Our NMN supplements are TGA-approved.  For more information and to enquire about buying please visit here.

Adding NMN to your supplement regime is something we are incredibly passionate about and are on a mission to spread the word far and wide.