July 20, 2021

Taking supplements can be a great way to increase some essential vitamins and minerals in your body as well as boost body functions.  In fact, it is becoming more and more important as the food we eat is often highly processed which means it has had most, if not all, of its nutrients stripped.

Knowing what supplements to take is a different issue entirely given how many choices you have!

We want to introduce you to NMN and give you five reasons why we think it is an essential supplement for any healthy regime.

What is NMN?

You’d be forgiven for not knowing what NMN is as it is a relatively new discovery.  We have a great article on NMN (link) that goes into a lot more detail about what it is and what it does, but in short:

NMN is the essential precursor enzyme to NAD+.

NAD+ is our real goal with this supplement.  It is the second most abundant molecule in the body and is the key energy source for many of the body’s important functions.

We have another great article on NAD+ (link) that also goes into more detail on it, but again, in short:

As we age we produce less NAD+, which is essential for a number of functions in the body, one of the most important being the aid of DNA repair.  The less NAD+ we have the less DNA repair that occurs.  This is the primary reason the body ages!

So, taking NMN supplements to boost your NAD+ is great.

Let’s dive into our top 5 reasons why it’s great…

1.    It helps your body’s cells repair damaged and aged DNA

As we’ve just briefly mentioned, the production of increased NAD+ from your NMN supplement means that your body will be able to keep up its DNA repair functionality.  This itself slows down the aging process.

In fact, a study conducted by Professor Imai of the University of Washington and Professor Sinclair of Harvard University in 2013 which involved injecting mice with NMN garnered incredible results.

The mice showed youthful phenotype expression immediately, having noticeably brighter and denser fur.  The life span of the mice was also extended from 2 months to 4.6 months.  An increase of 2.3 times!

2.    It supports energy metabolism

Another key function of NAD+ is working with your mitochondria and ensuring energy is passed and released between cells.  This is key for your energy metabolism.

Boosting your metabolism has a whole host of great effects on your body’s function as well as how you feel.

3.    It enhances your brain’s cognitive function

Fighting DNA decay and boosting repair capabilities can have a huge impact on brain function in particular.

There is a lot of research being conducted into this and the effects it can have on degenerative brain disease too.

4.    It suppresses age-associated body weight gain

As we get older and our metabolism slows, our NAD+ supply decreases and the issue compounds we find ourselves putting weight on far easier.

By supplementing NMN to increase your NAD+ your body can fight age-associated weight gain far better.

5.    It boosts immunity

Another drawback of aging is a reduction in immune functionality within the body.  Again, an NMN supplement to boost your NAD+ levels can have a dramatic effect on your immune cell production.

These are just some of the know great benefits of taking NMN supplements.

We thought we’d also not – NAD+ in supplement form is shown to be far less effective than taking NMN supplements as you get far better absorption in the body with NMN.  NAD+ on the other hand is often destroyed by your digestion before it can be properly absorbed.

So in order to really boost your NAD+, you should be taking NMN supplements.

You can get more information on NMN supplements here.